[ardour-users] (Partly) Ardour-produced tune out 11.11

Johannes M Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Tue Nov 9 14:24:39 PST 2004

Ringheims Auto, wich is delivering music for autos, will release a new 
tune under a CC-license thursday 11.11. The tune is in the genres of 
acidjazz and instrumental hiphop, and is made of old and rotting 
material from back in my (previous) trackeryears.

Because of recent migration I had to use Renoise under Wine, but the 
newly recorded scratches, wich makes for much of the track, was of 
course done in Ardour. Renoise works very well in wine, but it would be 
better having a native tracker synked to jack with seperate outputs. 
Cheesetracker looks quite interesting, but I don't know if it would synk 
to jack or how to make it do that.

Screenshots from the sessions here:

We will also throw a (net)releaseparty at the virtual world off FOOTURE 
(bek.no:7000), and stream live DJ'ing from 18:00 CET on thursday. You'll 
find links and info at ringheimsauto.1go.dk/index_en.html

Hope you might show up at the party and that you don't find this info 

-Ringheims Auto,
 Music and mixtapes for autos.

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