[ardour-users] problem with Ardour, DSP creeps up to 100%

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Sun Nov 7 06:49:26 PST 2004

0.9beta19 here, athlon 1400 256M FC1 with ccrma-sourced patched kernel
running fluxbox, no other apps except Ardour

On one particular session, often (on playback) the DSP meter will go up to 
100%, I get a lot of xruns, and eventually if I leave it all alone, Ardour 
gives the error that Ardour shut down because Jack is too slow.

I suspect it has to do with plugins on a particular track.  On one track I 
have TAP Equalizer, "tube amp emulation", TAP Dynamics (M), and "Feedback 
Delay Line (Maximum Delay 1s)", all in the pre-fader inserts.  In fact I 
suspect it's the "tube amp emulation" causing the problem but I can't be 
sure...  I use TAP Dynamics and TAP Equalizer all the time without problems 
so I don't suspect them.

Has anyone had experience with this problem?  A workaround would be nice :)


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