[ardour-users] absolute minimum system for Ardour

Zachris Trolin zach-tro at dsv.su.se
Fri Nov 5 03:34:52 PST 2004

tor 2004-11-04 klockan 10:28 -0600 skrev Chris Bacigalupo:
> I'm looking at setting up a simple ardour based multi track system for a
> high school music lab. I was interested in this question. If
> ardour/jackd is used, what is the absolute minimum system I can host it
> on?
> >>baci

I can only speak for myself and not point to any theoretical minimum
requirements, anyway I've used a P2 500MHz and a K7 600MHz (both
computers which I've been given for free!) without any problem - just
give them some RAM and a decent sound card(MAudio) and remember to fine
tune the system - disc IO, kernel patches, etc. 

Sometimes I get xruns, but I figured it was due to one very crappy hard
drive(WDC), as long as I don't use it for recording(or even touch it
while recording) - everything works fine.  

Such computers will also be fine to use pure data and supercollider on,
so you can really do lots of interessting things with very modest


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