[ardour-users] questions about harddisks and drums (sampling)

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Nov 1 07:03:22 PST 2004

 > > 3. I guess the 60 Gb won't last too long. Is an external (USB2-)
 > >    harddisk advisable, or is it too slow for performance reasons? What's
 > >    a good solution here?
 > Probably no good for streaming data to/from. But for backup purposes it's a 
 > splendid solution. I'm actually backing up over standard USB (takes ages).
Actually, using an external firewire (or USB2) HD can be a completely
feasible solution for doing actual recording/streaming.  I have
had good results using a firewire cardbus interface with my thinkpad
A31 and an external 7200rpm drive for fairly large sessions.


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