[ardour-users] Ardour in sync with video?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Sat May 29 12:18:22 PDT 2004

Johannes Ringheim wrote on Sat, 29-May-2004:

 > I am producing various sound effects for an animation movie. As of now I 
 > have completely moved over to Ardour, from Cooledit Pro on Windows. This 
 > has been a great improvement, apart from a few bugs Ardour does so much 
 > more then Cool. It is really a great application.
 > However, the one thing I'm misssing, is a window showing the video in 
 > sync. I am dreaming of having a player like mplayer running in sync with 
 > ardour, but have not found any which support jack. Have also tried 
 > Cinelerra, but it is a big step back when it comes to audio. I do not 
 > have any video-hardware, so it would be the best if this could be done 
 > locally on the computer.
 > Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated, it would be very nice 
 > not having to reboot back and forth, or going back to Windows completely 
 > for this type of work ,-9
This feature is actually planned and will likely be implemented
within the next few months by Thomas Charbonell.  In addition
to a synchronized external player (probably using xinelib), ardour 
will also have a video track type that can show framegrabs along the

The bulk of the image track work has already been done by CMT
for use with their animatics engine.  See the cool screenshots

No video editing will be done with ardour, it will be for display
reference only.


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