[ardour-users] Login Behaviour

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 08:47:25 PDT 2004

--- "Mark A. Lesswing" <mark at lesswing.com> wrote:
> I have noticed that after saving a session,
> reopening it results in an
> extra Master Track.
> Is this something that is normal?
> When I open, I always type in the name of the
> session and hit the create
> button.

That's interesting. 

The most recent version of Ardour does not start with
the session create dialog window. This means you are
forced to either 'Session New' or 'Session Open'. If
the version you have presents the create dialog when
starting Ardour, select cancel and then do 'Session

If using the create dialog with an existing name to
open a session adds a master bus, this has gotta be
wrong. I guess it should warn you about a session
existing and force you to specify a new name.

If you're interested, subscribe for a Mantis bug
reporting account and file your findings. There's
links at ardour.org.


> TIA.
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> Mark A. Lesswing <mark at lesswing.com>
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