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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu May 20 09:30:44 PDT 2004

Jørn Villesen Christensen wrote:
> Hi Marcus
> On Thu, 20 May 2004 11:14:35 -0400 (EDT), Marcus Alessi Bittencourt  
> <alessi at roar.music.columbia.edu> wrote:
>>> So what you are saying, is that i would either have to a) Give up my
>>> favorite OS and install M$ Windows? or b) Give up the idea of a portable
>>> studio and buy a desktop?
>>> ~Jørn
>>     I have some info for you regarding USB audio. I have just been
>> making experiments with a USB edirol UA-5 on a toshiba laptop with redhat
>> 9 and a 2.4.22-ll kernel. It is stereo, nonetheless it works beautifully,
>> and the configuration was a breeze, to the extent that I can even work
>> simultaneously with the built-in soundcard. It surprised me because i
>> have heard so many bad things about USB audio.
>>     Now, I am actually looking into the edirol UA1000, and I am
>> curious if it would work just as well. I'd be interested in any findings
>> you may discover.
> That sounds good... gives hope :-)
> What drivers did you use?
> Did the midi interface work?
> What latency did it produce?

USB latency is pretty lame. At best you can get down to 480 bits at 
48Khz without dropouts.

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