[ardour-users] Setting CD track makers for export?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Thu May 20 06:46:19 PDT 2004

Scott Helmke wrote on Thu, 20-May-2004:

 > So obviously it's possible to export CD track markers... but how do I set 
 > them?  I've set location markers and not gotten anything in the export.   
 > Do I need to rename the location markers to specific name, open a hidden CD 
 > marker section, or what?
 > My main use right now is transferring concert recordings, so being able to 
 > get markers out and into a cdrdao TOC would be wonderful.

Open up the Locations window, and check the CD checkbox on the
markers you want to export.

You should verify the correctness of the exported file, if possible
before using for a burn.  Let us know if there are problems....


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