[ardour-users] Freezing with zoom

Linium intent at netpratique.fr
Wed May 5 09:25:18 PDT 2004

On Mercredi 5 Mai 2004 16:20, Studio Zodiak wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of my projects freezes when I try to zoom in.
> I tried zooming in with zoom mode and with the + -
> button
> but it seems anything modifying the GUI frreezes
> everything.
> I went into the xml of the .ardour file and removed
> all the effects, thinking that might have been the
> problem but no.
> If anybody has any Idea how to fix this I would
> appreciate.
> thanks.
> Sly

I had a similar problem once, months ago. When i zoomed very deeply into 
tracks, the HD activity started to get very high, then the box freezed.
I suspect some sort of ram leakage causing the cache to overflow.

I found that the cause of the problem was something bad using the "Fill track" 
or "duplicate" functions. I observed that the resulting copies were sometimes 
slighly misaligned. And repositionning them could improve somehow the 
situation, but ardour would keep freezing in the process.

Well, i have no clue if this is fixed now, i didn't check it anew. Could be 
something related, may be.



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