[ardour-users] MTC sync

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Sat May 1 07:50:30 PDT 2004

Hi Lee,

Saturday 01 May 2004 00.37 skrev Lee Azzarello:
> Just a shout out that last night I got Ardour to send MTC to an old
> version of Logic Audio and the two ran in sync. Using the old Mac as a
> MIDI sequencer looks promising.

Oh. I guess that could work too :) 
Would it not be easier to use jack-transport though? Rosegarden (and soon 
MusE, a prerelease is out) support that now.

> A question to follow. Why does Ardour not show up as a MIDI port for
> JACK? Other apps, fluidsynth, aseqview do and can be patched to each
> other. I'm using qjackctl for all JACK patching.

To try and straighten out the facts. JACK does not have MIDI ports. I guess 
what you are looking at is the MIDI-Connections window in qjackctl, this 
shows the midi subsystem, does not really have to do with jack...

As for why Ardour does not show up, it's because Ardour is not using 
alsa-sequencer. The ones that show up in the list are alsa-sequencer clients 
which is more advanced than the raw interface that ardour currently supports.


> -lee
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