[ardour-users] Running Ardour on SuSE 9.0

Markus Piipari 2pii at luukku.com
Mon Mar 29 00:44:35 PST 2004

Just a couple of clarifications to my previous post:

> So basically only two system-wide modifications needed to be done
> on SuSE: recompiling the kernel with capabilities (which is not
> needed if you run all Jack apps as root) and setting up the tmpfs
> filesystem. I guess this means that the SuSE 2.4 kernel has at
> least some of the low latency stuff applied to it out-of-the-box,
> because I didn't patch it in any way.

Except for manually editing capability.h for the capabilities stuff, which, I suppose, equals patching it.

Additionally, it is worth noting that SuSE provides its own very to-the-point instructions for compiling the kernel in /usr/src/linux/README.SuSE file.

> Now I can simultaneously record at least four tracks at 96kHz with
> Ardour (haven't tried with more yet), running on KDE 3.1.

> I currently run Jack with a buffer size of 256 samples, as the
> options of 128 and especially 64 introduce xruns again.

These details, obviously, depend heavily on the hardware you happen to run on, as much as any software tweaks.

I have a 1.6GHz Athlon XP CPU and an RME Multiface audio card. Prior to purchasing the Multiface I also evaluated an MAudio Delta 44 for a couple of weeks in the same machine, and it seemed to perform equivalently in terms of latency. Yet before that, using an old SoundBlaster Live! Value card, getting a buffer size below 512 bytes seemed to be essentially impossible.

- Markus

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