[ardour-users] ardour and osX

mill.mill at c2i.net mill.mill at c2i.net
Fri Mar 12 11:40:20 PST 2004

qouting from ardour.org:

"Platform-Neutral Technology

Ardour will can be ported to just about any 
system that complies with the POSIX operating 
system standard.

---->It's already being ported to Mac OS X with very few changes.

Rather than being a product of a particular 
company, it's a center around which a community 
can focus its interest and effort. A program for 
which new releases can happen as often as 
necessary to bring new functionality and 
improvements. A program to build the future 
with." etc

is this build made public?
cant seem to locate it

any tips appreciated


håkon lindbäck
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