[ardour-users] hard drive speed

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu Mar 11 17:08:47 PST 2004

Djamel Ouerdane wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm about to get a new computer. I read on ardour's webpage that a hard 
> disk
> of at least 7200 rpm is required. Unfortunately, for some reasons, I 
> could only get
> a disk of 4200 rpm.  Would it be a good idea to buy a faster external 
> hard drive and use
> the USB 2  port for data transfer ?? I don't know much about all these 
> things and I don't
> want to wait for an upgrade of my system (a Dell Latitude notebook).
> Thanks for any info.

You should be ok with a 4200 rpm notebook drive. Just don't expect 
massive amounts of recordable tracks at one time.

If you tune the system right you should be able to get 30 - 50 streams 

The main factor is the throughput latency. New notebook drives are 
pretty good for that these days.

If you have troubles then the usb external will probably work better. 
Firewire even more so.

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