[ardour-users] Drum tracks and Ardour

Peteris Krisjanis peteris.krisjanis at os.lv
Sun Jun 27 12:44:15 PDT 2004

In the begining I want to thank everyone which are involved in
developing of Ardour & other open source semi-proffesional and
profesional audio tools. For myself, I'm open source fan and working
with Linux full time almost 5 years. In free time, I'm learing recording
stuff for almost 3 years and as I have musical capabilities - good
voice, songwriting, etc., I'm looking to be proffesional in this field.
So far I have recorded songs with Cubase and Windows, but I'm looking
for more power to myself trough open source tools. I have followed
Ardour, Jack and ALSA development for almost 2-3 years - in short I'm
impressed, excited and I hope to use Ardour in future as experimental
and later, if succesfull, proffesional tool for recording projects.

So on the subject - as far I have understood that MIDI tracks is not
supported in Ardour and it is somehow planned in versions 3.x and later.
However, I would like to get some drum tracks in my projects, so wich is
the best way? For me, it seems to simply make some drum track with MIDI
and/or drum program. Which way is the best by practice?

Already thanks in advance,
Keep it coming,
Peter. :)

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