[ardour-users] how to add send effects

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Jun 11 15:19:00 PDT 2004

Scott Helmke wrote:

>>I think the vast majority out there are RT, and even the ones that
>>conservatively state they aren't, realistically are on most modern HW. 
>>You might run into trouble with tiny period sizes but, doubtful.....
> This is the first I've heard about this issue... so how do I use the 
> non-realtime effects?

Look through the listings in Jack-Rack, and you will see which plugins 
are labelled "NOT RT". I agree with Jesse that this is pretty 
"conservative", but there are ones which simply aren't optimized for 
realtime and do crash things. I get this in Jack-Rack in particular when 
I test things out, although I guess TAP Reverb crashed Ardour for me 
because it's broken, not because it's non-RT.

You would use them in non-realtime rendering. Rezound, for example, 
doesn't do effects previews [actually, I really hate this!]. I am sure 
there are others.


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