[ardour-users] using sessions made with beta11 in beta16

zettberlin symposion at onlinehome.de
Mon Jun 7 02:53:21 PDT 2004

i finaly managed it to build beta0.9.16.1 in my SUSE 9.0 :-)
everything works great and i have setup a new session without any trouble.

unfortunately reusing of my sessions made with 0.9.11 gives lots of trouble:

the most common errrors that show up, refer to automation-files, since i do 
not use automation for productive work for now, it would be OK if i could 
work around this by simply erase/manipulate the references to any automation 
within the sessionXML-code.
Can this be done?

In smaller projects (say, 8 stereo-tracks in use, 20 sources, 2 minutes), the 
errorrs do not break anything, even though i would like to make them 
disappear by saving the new working file as a snapshot...
Bigger projects produce a swarm of xruns at startup and thus freeze ardour 
completely, i doubt, ardours zombie remains within memory even after i killed 
the app, for if i restart ardour, it gives "cannot lock enough memory" - 
style messages and freezes the whole system.

are there workarounds for that?

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