[ardour-users] removing audio files

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Fri Jul 23 07:48:47 PDT 2004

Mirko Petrovich wrote on Fri, 23-Jul-2004:

 > I'm an ardour newbie and I need to remove some imported audio files from 
 > the session. I tried with shift-right-click but it doesn't work. Also I 
 > tried removing the files from the sounds folder but then the session 
 > doesn't open. I think it could be a bug because I'm using an old version 
 > 0.9beta2, (I know I should upgrade) but maybe I'm not doing it the right 
 > way.
0.9beta2 ??  I'm sorry, but we can't even begin to support such
an ancient version.  You're going to have to upgrade (and my god,
you really should want to).

Removing audio files that are unused can be done automatically
in the latest versions by doing the Cleanup Session operation.
However if you want to only remove certain audio files, you still
will have to do it manually (eg removing from sounds folder *and*
manually editing the session file to remove any references to

I would wait a few days before upgrading, the next release tarball 
will fix a few things that the current latest release missed.


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