[ardour-users] Freeverb (packaged with CMT) and Ardour beta17.1

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Wed Jul 7 09:28:27 PDT 2004

I have used Freeverb a lot in previous implementations of the CMT LADSPA
package and the last version of Ardour I was using was beta 11.1 I

I am using Arodur beta 17.1 now and all other LADSAP plugs, including
those in the CMT package, seem to be working fine but the response of
Freeverb has changed...the reverb time is now very short and won't seem
to adjust beyond a shortish plate type reverb. Before you could get
super monsterous reverb tails if wanted.

Has anything changed in the Freeverb module? Is there something new in
the Ardour package that might be causing this? I notice some new panning
thingys and such.

ANY help would be much appreciated. I tried every other reverb out
there...Tom's (TAP-Plugs) comes close but Freeverb is the smoothest most
realistic I have heard for my needs.



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