[ardour-users] 2 questions

Dan Harper tech at danharper.org
Thu Feb 26 14:45:36 PST 2004

Hi all,
2 questions:

1.  Let's say I have a session with a few tracks.  I plug in my guitar
and add a new track, set the input to capture the guitar, and I insert a
nice tremolo, chorus plugin for a nice gutiar sound.  When the transport
is not rolling, I can monitor the guitar sound with plugins, but as soon
as I roll the transport to see how it sounds next to my already recorded
tracks, I don't get the sound with plugins, just the direct capture
sound.  Is there anyway to get the plugin sound when just playing back
what I've already recorded?

2.  In previous versions of Ardour, you used to be able to drop in and
record on a track overlapping a previous region, and the old region
would play as well.  Now, the existing region does not play.  Is there a
way to get the old behaviour?


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