[ardour-users] Re: [ardour-dev] Latency: AGP vs PCI video card and XFS journalling vs not

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Mon Feb 23 13:08:16 PST 2004

Eric <ej at duvel.ir.iit.edu> writes:

> I know I can do hardware monitoring and therefore set the sample size
> high, but I would like to be able to monitor with some effects.  Has
> anyone ever been able to do this at reasonable latency?

It would be clearer to think of disk as a throughput issue, not
latency.  The actual disk I/O is far too slow to be done synchronously
with the JACK process cycle.  It has to be done in a separate thread.
So, the issue is whether all the reads and writes can keep up with the
required bandwidth.  Ardour generally does a good job of that.

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