[ardour-users] CVS read access

Andrew Gaydenko a at etver.com
Fri Feb 20 00:23:21 PST 2004


I have noticed the project site/listing were moved. And I _am_ in the dev list
(well, as reader only :-) to see "latest CVS commit". I think, it may be
usefull to announce officially in both list that SF CVS is frozen, if it is.

So, now user's updating cycle is: to download CVS tarball and all following
diffs, is it true?


======= On Friday 20 February 2004 10:52, you wrote: =======
At 06:20 PM 20/02/2004, Andrew Gaydenko wrote:
>I have noticed multiple changes announces without reflections in CVS
>repository. Do I understand well, CVS read access still is actual and
>possible, simply SF lag becames longer and longer?

If you haven't already noticed, ardour has moved away from SourceForge to 
ardour.org. Unfortunately, anonymous CVS is not available at the moment, 
but there are test tarballs available. The best way to find out about these 
is to join the ardour-dev mailing list.

Let me know if you want a link to the subscription page.


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