[ardour-users] another compiler problem

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Thu Feb 19 09:47:58 PST 2004

Jesse Chappell wrote on Thu, 19-Feb-2004:

 > <mailcbozic at adelphia.net> wrote on Thu, 19-Feb-2004:
 >  > [/home/cbozic]$ locate libraptor
 >  > /usr/lib/libraptor.a
 >  > /usr/lib/libraptor.la
 >  > /usr/lib/libraptor.so
 >  > /usr/lib/libraptor.so.1.1.0
 >  > /usr/lib/libraptor.so.1
 >  > 
 >  > As I said before I'm using ArchLinux and installed raptor through the 
 >  >  pacman package system that Arch uses.  I didn't do what might be a 
 >  >  'typical' raptor install as described in its docs.  So, I will try your 
 >  > advice and see if it helps.  
 > You appear to have a version of libraptor that is too *new*. 
 > How odd. Note the so.1,  whereas the one lrdf expects is the so.0 interface.
 > My version of raptor is 0.9.8 and it creates so.0.

I assume that you have libraptor 1.0.x , if you rebuild liblrdf
it should pick up the right version and link against it.  Then
try to build ardour.


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