[ardour-users] another compiler problem

mailcbozic at adelphia.net mailcbozic at adelphia.net
Thu Feb 19 09:31:54 PST 2004

Thanks for the information.

I am sure raptor is installed in some form becuase I get this response from locate:

[/home/cbozic]$ locate libraptor

As I said before I'm using ArchLinux and installed raptor through the pacman package system that Arch uses.  I didn't do what might be a 'typical' raptor install as described in its docs.  So, I will try your advice and see if it helps.  

It seems strange to me that when I do a locate on librdf, I get:


...showing that those libs are in the same directory as the raptor libs.  This may be a dumb question but is this normal for libs to exist in the same folder and not be able to locate one during a build?  Is there a way I can configure the Ardour make process to be able to locate this lib?


> From: Jesse Chappell <jesse at essej.net>
> Date: 2004/02/19 Thu AM 12:00:19 EST
> To: mailcbozic at adelphia.net
> CC: ardour-users-ardour.org at lists.ardour.org
> Subject: Re: [ardour-users] another compiler problem
> <mailcbozic at adelphia.net> wrote on Wed, 18-Feb-2004:
>  > /usr/bin/ld: warning: libraptor.so.0, needed by /usr/lib/liblrdf.so,
>  >  not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)
>  > 
>  > I have all of the dependancies listed in the BUILD file installed 
>  > and have double checked this.  Does anyone have any ideas?
> Looks like it can't find libraptor.  Are you sure you installed
> it?  Try reinstalling raptor with --prefix=/usr
> jlc

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