[ardour-users] Corruption

Jim Robinson jim at linux-sp.com
Fri Dec 31 08:04:51 PST 2004

Hi Folks,

Recorded a session last night.  All seemed to go well but when I try and
open it this AM I get the following errors:

[ERROR]: FileSource: cannot locate chunks in
/home/jim/Sessions/Ardour-Sessions/123004-sessions/sounds/Audio 1-1.wav
[ERROR]: SndFileSource: cannot open file "Audio 1-1.wav" (System error.)
[ERROR]: Found a sound file that cannot be used by Ardour. See the
[ERROR]: Session: cannot create Source from XML description.
[ERROR]: Session "/home/jim/Sessions/Ardour-Sessions/123004-sessions
(snapshot 123004-sessions)" did not load successfully

I assuming that 'Audio 1-1.wav' corrupted somehow?
Is there anyway to recover at least some of the audio from this session?

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!



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