[ardour-users] Libre Software along with Libre Documentation

Johannes M Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Sun Dec 26 04:33:48 PST 2004

derek holzer wrote:

> On the subject of the WIKKI, it would be nice if it was in a 
> "printer-friendly" format, and could easily be exported to something 
> one could hold in their hand. Or give to someone else.

Possible solution:
"@media print" in CSS, is handy for not having to make seperate 
print-versions of webpages. One just define a seperate part of the 
stylesheet for printing only. The document shows up in the print-preview 
of the web browser with the rules of the "@media print" -part of the 
styleshee, so it's neat. It would have to fit in with the html of the 
rest of the wiki, but if it was formatted with stylesheets (not tables) 
it should be quite convenient.

Printing a whole x00-page book to save money is NOT a good idea, though, 
believe me ,)


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