[ardour-users] Best hardware config for running Ardour

Geoffrey Wossum geoffrey at pager.net
Mon Dec 20 11:38:03 PST 2004

On Monday 20 December 2004 9:58 am, Andre Perrotta wrote:

> 1) what would be the most compatible pci sound card ?

I'm very happy with my RME Hammerfall DSP w/ Multiface.  A bit pricey, but 
it's well supported, 8 simultaneous analog inputs, and very transparent 
sounding.  I have a PCI card and a Cardbus card so I can use the Multiface 
with either my desktop or my laptop.

> 4)what would be the best linux distribution for running Ardour ?

I've had good success with Gentoo on both my laptop and my desktop.  I use 
Gentoo's default ebuilds for everything (JACK, all requisite libraries, 
plugins, etc.), except for Ardour.  I compile Ardour by hand from the source 
tarballs.  Right now, I'm just using the "gentoo-dev" 2.6 kernel.

If you use Gentoo, be sure to add "jack" and "jack-tmpfs" to your USE flags.  
You might also want to add "caps".

I also add the following lines to my /etc/portage/package.keywords:

dev-libs/fftw ~x86
media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit ~x86


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