[ardour-users] Thanks for all the help - cant quite record

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Dec 1 07:55:29 PST 2004

Ben Edwards wrote:

>Firstly thanks for the hackers and groover's on the IRC Chanel last
>nite for all the help thay gave me.  I managed to compile ardour/jack
>and qjackctl from source.  I've never compiled apps from source before
>so this was great.  For any Debian users out there I would like to
>mention 'apt-get build-dep'  which is used to download dependencies
>for building (i.e. apt-get build-dep ardour).  There were a few
>glitches but will be putting notes up on the web soon.
>So I got jack fired up and run ardour - created a session/track -
>selected the input - could see levels in the level meter.  OK i
>thought - this is going well.  I then hit the button with the red
>circle on it and it started flashing - but nothing else happened.  I
>hit it again and it stooped flashing.  Was kind of expecting to c
>waveforms in the main window but did not.  Have I missed something?
Hi Ben:

  Did you arm the track for recording first ? You need to click the 
little r button in the horizontal track strip, it should turn pink. Then 
you'll click Big Red, then the Play transport button. This sort of 
follows how it's done on some tape decks.

  You'll see waveforms during recording if the option is ticked in the 
Options Editor window (I forget which tab).

  I think you're very close to your goal now...



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