[ardour-users] Latency Trouble

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Apr 7 14:16:29 PDT 2004

philicorda wrote on Wed, 07-Apr-2004:

 > 512 frames at 96k=5.3ms latency
 > 128 frames at 96k=1.3ms latency
 > 1.3ms is kinda pushing it. :) You could try xfce4 as a desktop, it's 
 > quite lightweight compared to KDE. It also has a lot of features that 
 > are lacking in a very minimal desktop like fluxbox/blackbox.
Note that you've quoted the latency in one direction only, not round-trip
latency that is important for software monitoring.... so the effective
latency is actually double those numbers.


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