[ardour-users] Problem with cleaning up dead files

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Apr 7 13:29:33 PDT 2004

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Micha=EBl?= Ball wrote on Wed, 07-Apr-2004:

 > I've been using Ardour to record an album for a band I'm in, and I'm
 > really impressed with it. However, I have run into a problem. I've got
 > quite a lot of disk space, but while recording, I noticed that certain
 > parts we've recorded, but then discarded, weren't actually deleted.
 > Since I really need all the free disk space I can get, I explored a bit,
 > and saw the 'Clean up dead files' option in Ardour. I ran it, and then
 > flushed the wastebasket. However, when I restarted and reopened the
 > project, Ardour informed me that a lot of different files which were
 > actually in use weren't in the ./sounds directory within the project
 > directory anymore. I had a look around and noticed that some live files
 > had been moved into ./dead_sounds. I restored all the files manually,
 > and then the project would open again.
 > Is this a bug? I would very much like to delete these dead files, but
 > I'm wary of deleting any live ones since we've been working a long time
 > on the recording already. Any suggestions?
Yes, this feature has not been fully tested and needs to be properly
addressed.  Aren't you glad it copied them to dead_sounds first?

Please submit your bug into the mantis bugtracker at http://ardour.org/mantis


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