[Ardour-Dev] Ardour translators .... yes please!

Christopher Ross ardr6198 at tebibyte.org
Wed Feb 10 09:51:02 PST 2021

Hi Paul and list,

I meant to reply to your email of weeks ago but I also wanted to give 
the matter some thought first. I don't think I have the required skills 
to work on the Portuguese (BR) translation any more, language being high 
on the list of "use it or lose it skills". I remain very interested in 
the project though. Perhaps I could help with coding or documentation?

Chris R.

On 10/02/2021 06:13, Paul Davis wrote:
> We're ready to impose a string freeze just before releasing Ardour 
> 6.6. If you're a current translator for Ardour, we'd love an update 
> before the release.
> If it will take a while, let us know. If you have done it before but 
> can't do it this time, let us know. Otherwise, please send your 
> patches or submit PR's via github so we can get the release date settled.
> thanks so much for all you do,
> regards,
> --p
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