[Ardour-Dev] TRANSLATION - non supported language

Lyle lylecorman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 01:50:42 PDT 2019


I'm following the TRANSLATORS readme guide from the repo, and 
everything's fine.

It doesn't explain what to do for non-existant locales.

1) Do I manually create a folder with language code under gtk2_ardour/po?
2) Do I need to fork, make PR, or is there some kind of push access?

I'm amazed that there is no Serbian (sr) translation ongoing. All FOSS 
is usually swarmed with Serbian translators. You'll find it cool, it's 
cyrillic script. However, Serbian is written in Latin as well, but I 
haven't a  clue how to differentiate language codes between the two 
scripts. Plus, they're (whoever) are making it hard, because they're 
adding Serbian dialects as separate languages for ex-Yugoslav countries. 
Serbian (with latin script) is 99% intelligible across all of former 
Yugoslavia, except Slovenia perhaps. I understand there are dialects, 
and these are now separate countries, and perhaps languages, but it's 
just makes it that harder. (check out the language listings, you'll 

With that in mind, how do I configure Poedit?

1) What should I put in project name
2) What should I put under team
3) Does Poedit have some kind of dictionary thing? I find it gets way 
too repetitive. I know it has Translation Memory, but can't figure out 
it's usage

Thanks for helping me out. Cyrillic Serbian translation on the way!

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