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Tim Mayberry mojofunk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 20:32:26 PDT 2018

As some of the people on this list are aware, over the last few years I've
been working on what I have been calling the "Developer Tools", which I
have been using to help me understand the operation of Ardour during

It is basically two additional libraries, one for low level logging and
code instrumentation and the other is a GUI Window for controlling the low
level library. They were developed in the context of Ardour but are generic
tools that can be used with any gtkmm(2 or 3) based GUI.

Over the last few months I have cleaned them up, made sure they work on
Windows, performed testing, etc, so hopefully they can start to be used by

Rather than go into detail about what the tools can do etc, I made a video
a few months ago that should cover most of it:


Demonstration of the "Developer Tools" starts at about 14min.

If you are interested in trying out a version of Ardour with the "Developer
Tools", you will need to build and install the adt and adtmm libraries:


A fairly recent copy of master with the additional necessary changes
required to use the libraries is located here:


The developer tools are enabled with the --dev-tools option and they
require c++11.

The commits in that branch have been squashed (from 1000+ commits) and
contain a few other unrelated things. If there is interest in applying the
changes to master it would take some time to sort it out.

I have been hesitant as to whether to send this email as it has been
apparent for a while that I can't really afford to continue to spend time
on Ardour related work, but perhaps if other developers are able to try out
the tool and they find it useful enough I can be motivated to
complete the necessary changes.

So if you are interested, please try it out and get back to me with any
feedback or issues you encounter.


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