[Ardour-Dev] Building Ardour 5.9 from git: No complaints!

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Jan 26 03:52:16 PST 2018

 > [1] I tried compiling with clang, since I saw in waf that this was one
> of the options, but that gave errors[2]. I'm guessing that clang is
> being worked on? If that's not the case and if compiling with clang
> should work, I'm happy to assist.

Clang is mainly for the benefit of Mac (recent OSX, macOS come with
clang only). The main differences are compiler options, warnings in

Ardour does however compile with clang on GNU/Linux, we do use it for
static analysis: https://nightly.ardour.org/list.php#clang_analyzer

What version of clang are you using? Could you post a compile log how it
fails or file a bug ticket?

> [2] And scary errors too, such as a memory alignment warnings/error,
> where, if I remember correctly, a char* (alignment 1 byte) would be cast
> to a struct something* (alignment 8 bytes). If that char* came form
> malloc(3), that is OK, since malloc guarantees correct alignment for
> anything,

Ardour's libpbd has a dedicated cache_aligned_malloc()

> but when compiling with -Werror, clang will stop.

We do strive towards clean warning-free code. But for a project this
large that supports 20+ different architectures, more than 4 different
compilers (incl MSVC), and depends on 30+ 3rd party libs, -Werror is not
reasonable. There are also plenty of warnings from 3rd party



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