[Ardour-Dev] State of VST3 support (and u-he Repro)

Felix Homann linuxaudio at showlabor.de
Fri Jan 26 06:20:43 PST 2018


I'm wondering what the current state of VST3 support is in Ardour. None of
the VST3 Linux plugins I have get recognized by neither the Ardour 5.12
version I use (Fedora 27, x86_64) nor Mixbus. So I'd just like to know if
that's expected or if it's an issue with my system.

I'm specifically asking because I own a license for u-he's Repro and have
some issues running the latest couple of beta versions of it in Ardour.
Yesterday, the u-he employee (abique) responsible for the Linux ports wrote
that the vst2 version works best.

Kind regards,
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