[Ardour-Dev] Interoperability and regions export feature implementation

Maxime Lecoq maxime.lecoq.a at wanadoo.fr
Wed Aug 29 11:32:23 PDT 2018


I currently faced the need to inter-operate with others /DAW/ (like
/Reaper/ and /Protools/) for music film mixing (cinema).
The solution our team used was to import/export stems (thanks to the
nice /Ardour/ export stems feature).
A downside of this solution is the size of the generated stems files
especially when you have to share them using Internet (using a 80KB/s
upload connexion!).

A smarter solution would be to export all regions to /BWF/ /wav/ files.
In our case, the size reduction gain was over 70%.
/BWF/ is well supported by /Ardour/, /Reaper/ and /Protools/.
(I can't find any /Cubase/ support for this feature).
Additional future/BW64///MBWF/ support would simply this operation.

As you certainly know, regions export can be achieve track by track in
the current /Ardour/ version (5.12, dev 6-pre0).
I'm now trying to develop an /Ardour/ feature allowing to do it all at once.
As I have seen, the infrastructure is already designed to receive such a
feature (Editor::export_region, ARDOUR::export_handler...).

Please let me know if someone is already working on this?
Also feel free to give me some advice to help me understand the involved
source code.
I have to make sequence diagrams to help me follow the execution flow.

About comments, I can't find so much in the source code.
Is there a particular reason for that?
May I comment/document (/Doxygen/) what I write directly in .cc files?

Best regards,
Maxime Lecoq.

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