[Ardour-Dev] Introducing support for ShuttlePRO v2

Johannes Mueller github at johannes-mueller.org
Mon May 29 04:55:04 PDT 2017


I am working on a control surface to support the ShttlePRO v2 device [1] on 
Linux. The device is working well using the input event struct of linux/

By now the handling of the events is hard coded and doing things that make 
sense to my work-flows. However I'd like to make it user configurable 
although I am not sure how to do it exactly (how to configure things that are 
not actions, for example).

But to begin with I have a question regarding the ControlProtocol API: What's 
the deal with void AbstractUI<RequestObject>::do_request(RequestObject*)? I 
had to implement it to make my class instantiatable, so I just copied the 
code from OSC::do_request() without actually knowing what it means. Can 
someone give me a hint, please?

You can take a glimpse on the code on 

Any other hints welcome.



[1]: http://www.contourdesign.com/UK/product/shuttlepro-v2/


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