[Ardour-Dev] let's talk about MIDI regions

nick mainsbridge mainsbridge at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 07:17:02 PST 2017

i would like to add:

 - the audio/midi similarity extends to recording also
   e.g. ad hoc take management is simple (mute the last take of simultaneous
   audio + midi recording and go again)
 - lock to audio / music is al least partially possible
 - regions may be positioned at sample resolution
 - most anti-region arguments look like decisions that are yet to be made.
 - solving 'MIDI CC data ("automation") always needs a region' seems easier
   than removing complexity (are we overwhelmed by this?).

 - regions are difficult to get right.

On 3 March 2017 at 21:02, Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:

> one idea that is in the air for Ardour 6.0 is to move away from the idea
> of MIDI regions entirely. in the simplest terms:
> pro-regions:
>      makes editing MIDI more like editing audio
>      allows easy copying of motifs, themes, drum fills etc. without having
> to select stuff
> anti-regions:
>      greatly complicates the basic nature of MIDI tracks
>      hard to overdub MIDI - does this create a new region, or edit an
> existing one
>      MIDI CC data ("automation") always needs a region, somewhat
> counterintuitively
>      MIDI data is much more discrete than audio, and can be easily
> selected, then
>           copied, moved, pasted etc.
> without regions, a MIDI track would just be a single context for MIDI
> data. each new overdub would add more MIDI data to that context (possibly
> replacing or altering existing notes in the case of MIDI-illegal note
> overlaps). edits would be done via cut-n-paste. MIDI CC data ("automation")
> could be added to a track at any point.
> discuss.
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