[Ardour-Dev] let's talk about MIDI regions

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Mar 3 02:02:38 PST 2017

one idea that is in the air for Ardour 6.0 is to move away from the idea of
MIDI regions entirely. in the simplest terms:

     makes editing MIDI more like editing audio
     allows easy copying of motifs, themes, drum fills etc. without having
to select stuff

     greatly complicates the basic nature of MIDI tracks
     hard to overdub MIDI - does this create a new region, or edit an
existing one
     MIDI CC data ("automation") always needs a region, somewhat
     MIDI data is much more discrete than audio, and can be easily
selected, then
          copied, moved, pasted etc.

without regions, a MIDI track would just be a single context for MIDI data.
each new overdub would add more MIDI data to that context (possibly
replacing or altering existing notes in the case of MIDI-illegal note
overlaps). edits would be done via cut-n-paste. MIDI CC data ("automation")
could be added to a track at any point.

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