[Ardour-Dev] Introducing support for ShuttlePRO v2

Johannes Mueller github at johannes-mueller.org
Thu Jun 29 09:43:51 PDT 2017

Johannes Mueller wrote:
> I am working on a control surface to support the ShttlePRO v2 device 

The surface with a configuration gui is now functional – functional as in 
"works for me". I would like some other users to test  especially 
on non-Linux systems. It uses libusb (just like the Ableton Push2 
surface), so it should be portable also to Windows and Mac.

So to all of you who have access to ShuttlePRO v2: tests highly appreciated.

One pitfall right to the beginning. On Linux you will probably lack the 
permissions  needed for Ardour to access the device. So you will first need to 
apply the folliwing udev rules 

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0b33", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0030", MODE="660", GROUP="users"

assuming that your user is in the group "user".

Happy testing, I am welcoming any kind of feedback.

The sourcecode is accessible via github here:

Thanks for your support


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