[Ardour-Dev] Development Summary (5.6..5.7)

Tim Mayberry mojofunk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 21:32:34 PST 2017

The 5.7 release has been tagged earlier than expected and it contains fixes
a number of regressions in 5.6 as well as the steady addition of features.

There are some larger changes/branches ready for merging which may mean the
next development cycle could be a bit longer than usual...but who knows.

Hopefully for the next release there is an opportunity for improved
and communication to allow more time for wider testing and translation
before tagging/release.

# General

- Add Record with Count-in functionality accessible via Transport menu.
- Save and restore Location clock modes in Locations pane in Editor List and
  Locations Window separately.
- Improvements to sensitivity of actions in Region context menu. [#7077]
- Version keyboard shortcut configuration file (.keys).
- Add support for importing MIDI from Pro Tools Session files.
- Consistently use the term VCA rather than Control Master.
- When starting Ardour without any existing configuration files and not
  them from a previous version then still present the Startup/First time
- Control (Primary Modifier) and right click on group tab will present
Group Edit Window.
- Shift (Tertiary Modifier) and right click on group tab will remove group.
- Support for QT5 lv2 UIs in bundles/installers from ardour.org
- Add support for relocating missing external files in Missing File dialog.
- Improvements to wording in Preferences and Session Properties.
- Change master meter type in toolbar via right click.
- Constrain VCA slave value to prevent overshoot and snap back on release.
- Use consistent Installer names for all platforms (Name + Version + Arch)


- Separate bank selection into MSB/LSB in Patch Change Dialog.

# Plugin

- Allow rescanning of VST plugins after changing VST path.

# Scripting

- Update bindings and scripts for API changes.
- Updates to Lua scripting documentation.
- Add bindings for plugin reordering and add example reverse plugin order
- Add bindings for solo/mute and realtime control changes and update example
- Bind scripts via right click on Lua Action Script Button in Toolbar.
- Unbind scripts via Shift + right click on Lua Action Script Button in
- Allow scripts to define a custom icon when bound to a Lua Action Script
- Include Audio to MIDI script in Bundles/Installers.
- Add ability to Load/Remove Session scripts in the Script Manager.
- Edit button in Script Manager now opens Lua Script Window.
- Add bindings to create Aux sends and add script to send multiple tracks
to an
  Aux bus.
- Add Action Script Button icons for various scripts.
- Add example script to show/hide Tracks in the Editor.

# Translation

- Updated Japanese translation by Hiroki Inagaki
- Updated Czech translation by Pavel Fric

# Fixes

- Use correct position when copying MIDI regions
- Fix issue when moving MIDI regions with non-default meter and snap set to
  Beats [#7234]
- Reset window size when switching between custom and generic plugin UI.
- Fix timing of regions recorded before the musical origin.
- Fix loading of 4.X Sessions with missing initial tempo section.
- Fix vertically constrained Region drag.
- Properly update main window title when switching Snapshots.
- Fix issues with Toolbar height changing with varying appearance options.
- Fix issues with Track and Mixer Strip order.
- Don't show hidden Mixer Strips when spilling a VCA.
- Fix Undo/Redo for Snap position to grid via Region context menu. [#7246]
- Ensure toggle Editor & Mixer action always works with a detached Mixer
- Fix incorrect position of percussive notes while dragging during

# Contributors

$ git log 5.6..5.7 --format="%aN" | sort | uniq

Ben Loftis
Damien Zammit
Hiroki Inagaki
John Emmas
Len Ovens
Paul Davis
Robin Gareus
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