[Ardour-Dev] Forgive me, for I have sinned, or: toss your Macintosh, as fast and wide as you can.

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Mon Dec 4 01:38:16 PST 2017

Here's me, having to deal with a 48 channel live recording over the 
course of six shows. Since my MADI gear is kinda heavy and the rental 
company had a Dante system on offer, I dusted off the 2013 Macbook pro I 
bought used, purchased a Dante virtual soundcard license from Audinate 
and happily tracked the first three shows with Ardour.

On the train on an off-day, I started a rough mix-down so that the 
client can begin the selection process. In the middle of exporting, my 
Mac shuts down and boots into a PIN unlock screen, telling me it has 
been locked via "Find-my-Mac".

For the record, this Macbook had been purchased from a reputable large 
online dealer, and it had been factory-reset and completely installed 
from scratch.

The first thing I find as I frantically research this issue (on my 
proper laptop, that is controlled by me, not by some iFuckwits), is that 
this iFeature even contains the option of a remote data wipe.
My excuses to my fellow passengers who got in the way of a stream of 
expletives suddenly bursting forth from an otherwise unobtrusive 
business traveller, as said traveller notices he doesn't have a 
screwdriver to yank his data drive out of this ransomware machine, and 
cannot even be sure it's off when it says it's off because of course the 
battery cannot be removed without major surgery, either.

Was able to salvage the data at home using a real operating system on 
real hardware, and today I'm going to find an authorized mac reseller 
and give the guy at the guru bar a day he will remember and testify 
about at the next Apple employee incentive day.

Long story short: don't.

Jörn Nettingsmeier
De Rijpgracht 8, 1055VR Amsterdam, Nederland
Tel. +49 177 7937487

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