[Ardour-Dev] should solo-in-place and/or exclusive solo be session specific?

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Thu Oct 13 05:27:51 PDT 2016

On 13.10.2016 13:40, Nathan Stewart wrote:
> I'm curious what the dowsides are.  Should all global settings be
> stored in the session?

A clear no for settings that do not have any effect on a reloaded 
session, which is the case for session creation settings.

It seems safe to assume that keyboard shortcuts are edited independently 
from going through sessions and having them associated with sessions 
would be annoying more often than helpful.

Likewise, settings that change how the GUI appears, how certain actions 
will be realized, should be stored independent.

However, settings that change the meaning of a session's state should be 
stored with the session. I.e everything that might change what you get 
to hear after hitting play.

Where it may become muddy are settings that influence/change how a 
session is displayed, and what parts of the GUI are visible.

Thorsten Wilms

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