[Ardour-Dev] should solo-in-place and/or exclusive solo be session specific?

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 12 20:16:11 PDT 2016

Le 12/10/2016 23:53, Paul Davis a écrit :
> There's a bug report on tracker.ardour.org <http://tracker.ardour.org> 
> that says:
> ----------------------
> 	Feature request: make Solo In Place/Exclusive Solo setting session 
> specific rather than global.
> -------------------------
> I'm asking for more feedback. It basically seems like a good idea to 
> me, though not 100%.

Am often changing solo settings, when record to minor some of what is 
already on "tape" and hear more what I play and e.g. kick, when mix 
sometimes SiP sometimes Exclusive pre or post to adjust tone & sends or 

So, there's not a subject for me if it's session or global related, 
cause I'll change its settings in some minutes ;)

By the way, have noticed that (in the last .run version of the site) the 
master section button "boost solo" boost all the tracks. Is it a bug or 
a feature?


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