[Ardour-Dev] I have a few questions on performance concerning CPUs and APUs.

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Fri May 20 01:58:16 PDT 2016

Hello Outro,

what frequencies are you talking about?
And are you sure, that kiloherz would make sense in your context?

I'd doubt that Linux would max. out at any point with 1 kiloherz.
Standard Audio is up to >= 20 kiloherz and Linux does handle that 
perfectly fine. ;-)

Kind regards,

On 2016-05-20 00:57, outro pessoa wrote:
> The standard Linux kernel maxes out at 1 kilohertz, while BSD kernels 
> are able to do twice that speed and more. Okay, with a POWER/PowerPC 
> processor - either 32bit or 64bit - and an APU - such as X-fi and 
> newer - what is the performance - on a Linux installed PPC machine , I 
> can do a mental comparison with previous knowledge and experience of 
> BSD systems - on a G4 and a G5 system? I am wanting to set up a public 
> studio for audio, graphics, and animation. The current machines to be 
> used are two G4 systems - one blue and one mirrored.
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