[Ardour-Dev] OSC progress

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon May 9 16:08:46 PDT 2016

For those interested Feel free to browse (or try) the OSC branch.

Faders can do numbers in 4 ways gainabs (0->2), gaindB (-200 to +6), fader 
(0->1 in possition where 0 is bottom and 1 is top) and fader1024 (which is 
fader * 1023 <10 bits> for those with no FPU in their controller - if you 
want fewer bits shift right or left as needed)

There is a /set_surface iiis bank_size strip_type feedback gainmode
This sets up your surface interface. Not all parameters are in use yet.

Bank_size (defaults to 0 for infinite things are like now) but will limmit 
number of surface strips to whatever number you have. Yes banking does 
work and there are /bank_up and /bank_down commands in there too.

Strip_type is not used at this point so the value doesn't matter. In the 
future the bits in the INT will determine what kind of strips will be 
mapped into the bank 
(audio/MIDI/Buss/Master/Monitor/VCA/Hidden/selected... whatever Paul 
decides to allow for as this is part of the VCA project).

Feedback is also bit driven for strips/meters/time/beats/global. Bit 0 is 
strips so set feedback to 1 to have Ardour update your faders strips. The 
rest are not yet available.

Gainmode is one of ABS DB FADER INT1024. This sets gain feedback to match 
whatever style of gain you are using.

As always open for comments.

Len Ovens

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