[Ardour-Dev] tempo ramps and "no time"

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Sat Dec 19 18:09:46 PST 2015

hi *,

i wonder: in the wake of nick's current work on tempo ramps, would it be 
possible to introduce the concept of "no time" to ardour's tempo map, 
which does the following:

* do not display bar/beat markers until next tempo marker
* do not output click until next tempo marker
* constitute a discontinuity in the tempo map and make sure the next 
time marker never moves with respect to the sample time, no matter if 
any tempo or meter markers before are being edited.

this would make a lot of sense for free/rubato sections that are 
followed by another "in time" part. i'm currently working around it by 
setting the meter to 1/1 and the tempo to something really low, so that 
my next bar marker is where time starts again. but that is twice as much 
work, and it doesn't decouple the new time marker from everything before.

i think i put a suggestion like that into mantis a long time ago, but 
this seems like a good moment to discuss it again. if it's infeasible, i 
can do without :)

all best,


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