[Ardour-Dev] control insert with midi track

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Apr 19 16:52:00 PDT 2015

Plugins' ability to detect tempo depends on (a) the plugin API (b) the
plugin (c) the host.

Ardour can provide tempo information to plugins using the VST, AudioUnit
and LV2 APIs. The plugin has to ask for it.

On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 7:41 PM, Norbert Guba <nef at idnull.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been experimenting with Ardour (4) and the Calf Pulsator effect, and
> I came across an interesting question. In Cubase, I can sync the frequency
> option of such plugins to the song tempo (or the output of a midi track)
> while in Calf Pulsator I only have the option to set it manually. Is this
> feature missing from Ardour, or only from the plugin? Or is it simply that
> I'm searching at the wrong place?
> Thanks!
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