[Ardour-Dev] [Ardour-Users] Ardour 4.0 rc3

JoergSorge joergsorge at kom-in.de
Sat Apr 11 08:25:18 PDT 2015

Hello Paul,

>         When I have some regions on a track.
>         Is it possible to have each right region one layer under the left
>         region? By standard, each right region is over the left region
>         layered.
>     We removed layering options quite a long time ago because of the
>     complexity and headaches that they caused users. The current model
>     is very simple: later-is-higher. You can manually change this for
>     specific regions, but you can't change the basic model.
> I just checked this. As I thought, things have not changed since Ardour
> 3.5.403, but clearly we need a more nuanced model here. Some combination
> of most-recently-touched and later-is-higher.

Thank you for investigation this again. Of course, it has nothing to do
with the current rc, sorry.

I would try to explain what's my thought about layering.

In my work, I have often to record interviews or narrators. The results
are: 123000456
This means, 000 are mistakes.

By editing, I think, most users set a cut after "3". And then, when the
new region, beginning with 000, there layerd under the first region, you
have often nothing more to do, as to move the region in rigth direction
(under region one). That's all!

With the current standard, you must manually move the region on lower
layer, or set a second cut an so on...so you have additionally steps.

For me, I don't know waht's the advantage of later-is-higher. When this
setting can change in preferences globally, it will be fine.

Regards and excuse my bad english...

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