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Patrick-Gilles Maillot patrick.maillot at gmail.com
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Well. Here's for a first feedback.


Installed Ardour 4 and Jack on my Windows XP systems (SP3), a Dell XPS. Jack
runs OK. Ardour's Xjadeo video monitor starts OK, but Ardour 4 does not
start and display s the following error: Entry Point not Found; The
Procedure entry point CreateSymbolicLinkA could not be located in the
dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.




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I read a post about Ardour being available on Windows (at last!). I'd like
to get involved and provide support.


I'm a (ex) long-time user of Sonar (Cakewalk 1.0 to Sonar X3) and gave-up
last year, tired of their outrageous costs.

I currently mostly use REAPER

I own a Behringer X32 and built a control surface interface between REAPER &
the X32 to used the full 32 channels as DAW, with transport, REAPER cursor
nav, Loop edit and jog-like management.


I could provide help with the Windows support, install and Behringer
X32/Midas M32 support, I'm also fluent French/English.

Let me know if this offer is of interest, and if so, where to start!



-Patrick-Gilles Maillot

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