[Ardour-Dev] git branch mechanics : massive merge from cairocanvas->master

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Oct 16 02:28:03 PDT 2014

As of this moment, the cairocanvas branch has been merged into the master
branch of Ardour.

The cairocanvas branch was about 3000 commits ahead of master, and
represents major code changes to Ardour, including the new canvas for the
editor, new backends for direct audio/MIDI I/O with ALSA and CoreAudio,
Windows compilability, and many other fixes.

Anyone who has been building Ardour from git needs to get their local
repository up to date:

                  git checkout master
                  git pull --rebase
                  rm -rf build
                  ./waf configure [ ... options ... ]

If you're not an active developer, you may prefer to just do a fresh clone
of Ardour and start from there.

The cairocanvas branch will continue to exist for a while, but there should
be NO MORE COMMITS to this branch. Development work will now continue with
master as the reference branch.

Finally, for Ardour packagers, especially on platforms that provide
anything like apt-get's "build-dep" feature, note that the code now has two
new build dependencies: the VAMP SDK and Rubberband. These were part of the
Ardour source tree before this merge, but they have now been removed and we
rely on the platform to provide them during a build. The build scripts in
the ardour-build-tools repository have been updated to reflect this change
(for quite some time).
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